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Huge collection of Professional digital photography by Omar Bahra for Middle East Syria, Jordan, Yamen, Oman, United Arab Emirates,...

Omar Al-Bahra 


Date of Birth :20/10/1960


Citizenship :Syrian


Place of Birth :Damascus










  • Bachelor’s degree of fine Arts, Department of Visual communication, Fine Arts College -Damascus University 1985.


  •  Currently working in the UAE University as Scientific Photographer since 18/5/1994.
  •  Archiving digital images (OLD/NEW)using latest software for archiving, documentation and image processing,and preparation of a special website for university photos. http://cet.uaeu.ac.ae/cgi-bin/ImageFolio42/imagefolio.cgi
  •  Scientific Photography including all areas of scientific imaging such ( geological samples, Agricultural researches,…).
  •  Worked In the field of Journalism Directing as executive and cover designer of al Razi Medical magazine Issued by the Arab Medical company Tameco1982-1986 (SYRIA).
  •  Worked with Teshreen daily Newspaper as Major Photographer from 1/1/1983 till 15/10/1989 (Syria).
  • Committeeman of protecting the old city of Damascus, Office of Archeological and historical documentation, Division of video documentation as Cameraman 1992-1994.
  •  Member of photography club in Syria and occupied the position of deputy chairman of the club (1992-1994).
  •  Designing Books layout and book covers in Favor of Arab writers Union and designed many posters for dramas fair ads and commercial.
  •  Own attempt of photography under water by using the camera designed for such purpose and diving suit in the red sea At Jeddah Off shore 50 meters deep 1989/1992..



Exhibition and production:

  • Exhibition for Posters and paints of visual communication with five artists in USSR Cultural Center- (Damascus 1984).
  • Special photograph Exhibition in USSR Cultural Center named (human and nature and old Damascus)) - Damascus 1986).
  • Exhibition for Posters and paints of visual communication with the artists (Naji Al-Ali, Abed Al-Hai Muslim and Mustafa Al-Halaj) -(Damascus 1988).
  • Exhibition for the paints in (Damascus secrets book) in Al-Wafa Hall -)Damascus 1993).
  • Exhibition named (Red Sea Treasures) for underwater photos in Aram Hall-(Damascus 1993).
  •  Exhibition named (Damascus Aerial Photos) in Culture Palace with the artists (Reda Al-Nahawi, Lubna Al-Jabi and Asad Muhana)-(Damascus 1993).
  • Participating in most of groups Exhibitions and periodicity Exhibitions which arranged by Ministry Of Culture, Fine Arts Cooperation and photographing Club in Syria and UAE
  • Directing and designing the cover and Photography and drawings of (Damascus Secrets book) for Nasser Al-Den Al-Bahra 1993.
  • Designing the cover of (Judaism Supersensible in History book) for Nasser Al-Den Al-Bahra 2000.
  • The photos inside (Pastoral Plants Book) for Dr.Galeb Al-hadrami were taken by me.
  • Compact disk contains 932 photos for Al-Ain City was sold in markets 2002.
  • Teach courses in photography theoretical and practical in different places such (Intermediate of Applied Arts-Syria, Humanities and Social Sciences UAE University,..).
  • Lecturing about photography in different exhibitions and colleges such (Damascus 2002, UAE University social club 2010, National Geography Exhibition, UAE University 2011, Al Ain mall Photo Festival 2003,…)

Books and Researches:

  •  Photograph in step forward (Published by UAE University) 2006.
  •  The complete guide in digital photograph (Published by Arab Scientific Publishers) 2010.
  •  Micro Photographing. (Under Editing).
  •  How to choose your digital camera. (Under Directing).
  •  Directing and all the photos, illustrations, and charts for the previous books. 
  •  Research in "using the technology in teaching Students Photograph” – Faculty of Arts, Philadelphia University Twelfth International Conference, Amman, Jordan. (1st -30th Oct 2007).
  •  Research in "using the technology in teaching Students Photograph” – Faculty of Arts, UAE University Ninth Researches Conference, Al-Ain, UAE. (22th Oct 2008).

Photography Workshops:

  •  Continuouscourses and workshops in photographing in UAE University (Teaching Techniques Department in the college of Education, Teaching Staff and University Employees, Scouts, Creation Club, College of Agriculture, Students Activities and Youth Care).
  •  Courses in digital photographing and normal .


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